To LVL or Not to LVL......

As you may have seen we are now offering LVL Nouveau Lash Treatments. I asked my friend and customer Jo Jenkinson to review them for me and here is what she said.

“Years ago I had my lashes tinted, I wasn’t that impressed, I have dark lashes anyway and I couldn’t really tell any difference. I didn’t bother again, thought it was a waste of money. Times have obviously moved on and processes too and then I was introduced to LVL Lashes by Dominique. I’d heard of them but didn’t really know what it was all about. So I decided to have a go!

So what does LVL mean?

Apparently it means Lash, Volume, Lift but the treatment also involves a lash tint.

What is the treatment process?

You should always have a patch test at least 24 hours before you have the treatment just so you know there aren’t going to be any ill effects or allergic reactions. It’s near your eyes so you don’t want anything nasty happening near there! My patch test was fine and I booked in to have the treatment with lovely Lin.

At my appointment I was asked to lie down on a very comfy bed! I was offered to lie under the very cosy blanket or on top! I opted for on top otherwise I would have been asleep in seconds and no one wants to witness someone snoring in a public place!

Lin cleansed my eye area to get rid of any traces of makeup and then we decided on what type of curl I would like. I wasn’t sure really and I didn’t know how curled the full curl would be and I wanted a more natural look. So I opted for the small curl.

Lin then applied treatment pads under my eyes and applied the rod that sits against your lash line to hold the curl as the bonding gels are applied. Then she applied the lash glue to pin back my lashes to the rod.

The perming lotion is then applied and is left on for 20 minutes. I challenge you not to fall asleep before this stage!! It’s very relaxing!

When the perming solution has worked its magic a neutraliser is applied and left on for a further 15 minutes. Then finally the tint was applied.

What was the result?

When everything was removed from my eyes and Lin showed me in the mirror I was delighted! Lovely lifted lashes that looked like I was wearing mascara! I love them!

Lin was lovely throughout and chatted and informed me about every stage of the treatment as we went along!

The lashes should last 6 – 8 weeks and I will definitely be back after that! They look beautiful and it is great not to have to remember mascara all the time!

Next time I might be daring and go for the curlier lash!!!”

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