Carbon Footprint... what the ????

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Dominique has lost the plot!  What does hairdressing have to do with carbon footprinting?”

No doubt, like me, this would be followed shortly by, “Actually, what the hell is a carbon footprint anyway?”

The short answer is that a small hairdressing business doesn’t have a whole lot to do with carbon footprinting.  The long answer is that when everything we do potentially impacts on the world around us then it has everything to do with us, you and anyone that cares about preserving our planet for our children and the generations that follow.

So what is it? 

The scientific definition for carbon footprinting is a measure of the impact all of our activities have on the environment.  This is represented by the total amount of greenhouse gasses that are produced by our daily activities which are measured in units of carbon dioxide.  The world average of these units is about 4,000kg per person per year. In the UK this figure is about 10,000kg per person per year. It includes everything we do from energy use in the home, the cars we drive to the emissions created when producing the food we like to eat.  

So, when I set up my own business, I decided to make a conscious effort to minimise my impact on the environment and do everything I can to ensure we are ecologically friendly. Things that we do that make a difference include using energy efficient light bulbs; ensuring only the equipment we are using is plugged in and everything else is switched off; saving up the towels we use for one wash instead of multiple washes; using a water filter instead of buying bottles of water and recycling as much as we can.

With this in mind, Bobbypins, is now able to offer a refill/return service for all Paul Mi

tchell shampoo and conditioners.  If you bring your empty Paul Mitchell bottles with you on your next visit or if you’re passing the salon, just pop in and we will refill the bottle for you at a discounted rate. Alternatively if you wanted a different product we would offer the same discount on this when returning the bottle. This provides you with a convenient way to replace your favourite Paul Mitchell products while helping to save the planet by recycling your plastic bottles and reducing your carbon footprint.

So that’s what the “Caring For Us All” theme is about in salon this month!

Dominique xo

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